Defense Attorney Information

The Burleson Municipal Court does not provide attorneys for defendants. If you need legal advice, please contact the attorney of your choice.

Generally speaking, cases where defendants are represented by legal counsel are initially set on two pre-trial dockets.  Attorneys may appear in lieu of adult defendants on the first and second Pre-Trial Dockets.  Juvenile defendants represented by counsel will be required to appear in person, with a parent to enter his or her plea in open court before the Municipal Court judge as required by law. 

If after two court settings, the case is not resolved, the Municipal Court will set the case for a Status Conference, unless good cause is shown.  Both the attorney and the defendant are required to attend the Status Conference Hearing and any further proceedings.  

Attorneys understand and agree to complete any forms required on behalf of their client and to provide any other necessary documentation required by the Municipal Court.

Please note that cases where a Pro Se Defendant hires an attorney after setting the case for Trial will proceed to Trial as scheduled.  Such cases will not be set on Pre-Trial or Status Docket without additional action from the Municipal Court.