Jury Duty

Jurors typically have a 9:00 a.m. report time. If a jury panel is not needed or you are not chosen to serve on a jury panel, you will most likely be dismissed within a couple of hours. Jurors selected to be on a panel will be required to serve for the duration of a trial.  

The United States Constitution guarantees all people, regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status, the right to a trial by an impartial jury. The jurors must unanimously agree that the defendant is or is not guilty of the offense alleged. 

Payment for Jury Services

If you actually serve on the jury, you will be paid $6 per day for each day you actually serve. Most cases in a municipal court are concluded within a few hours. Your employer is not required to pay you for the time away from work while serving on jury duty. However, an employer is prohibited by law from firing any employee for serving as a juror. 


Government Code Section 62.102

A Municipal Court Juror Must Be

  • A qualified voter in the City, County, and State under the Constitution and laws of this state. Note: Failure to register DOES NOT disqualify a person for jury service.
  • Able to read and write
  • Be a citizen of this State and a resident of the municipality (Government Code, Section 62.501; specific to municipal courts).
  • Be of sound mind and good moral character

A Person Cannot Serve On a Jury If

  • He or she has been convicted of a theft or a felony
  • He or she is under indictment, legal accusation, or on deferred adjudication for theft or any felony
  • He or she has served as a petit juror for 6 days during the previous 3 months in the county court or during the previous 6 months for district court

If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify to serve as a juror, please notify the Judge prior to the trial.

Exemptions from Jury Service

You may be excused from jury service if

  • You are over 75 years of age
  • You have legal custody of a child or children younger than 12 years of age and service on the jury would require leaving the child or children without adequate supervision
  • You are a student at a public or private high school
  • You are enrolled and in actual attendance at an institution of higher learning
  • You are an officer or an employee of the senate, the house of representatives, or any department, commission, board, office, or other agency in the legislative branch of state government
  • You are the primary caretaker of a person who is unable to care for himself or herself (This exemption does not apply to health care workers)
  • You are a member of the U.S. military forces serving on active duty and employed to a location away from your home station and out of your county of residence

You are not required to claim an exemption. It is your choice.

Dress Code

All persons entering a courtroom shall be clean and dressed in a manner that shows dignity and respect for the court. Unacceptable attire includes: shorts; cut-offs; pants worn below the waistline; flip flop style shoes; muscle shirts; tube tops; halter tops; athletic/gymnasium attire; tank tops; caps; hats; and clothing indicating gang affiliation or containing offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, or obscene language.

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