Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor Warning System

11 Outdoor warning sirens are strategically placed around Burleson. Sirens are NOT meant to be heard indoors, they are for OUTDOOR warning purposes. A siren signals to seek shelter inside and seek additional information. If a siren stops, it DOES NOT mean the threat has ended.

When does Burleson activate the outdoor warning sirens?

  • Tornado Warning issued by the National Weather Service
  • Trained Storm Spotter Report of a Tornado
  • Hail 1.5" or larger in diameter
  • Winds of 70 mph or greater
  • Other Outdoor Emergencies

When the outdoor warning system is activated, citizens should not go outside to hear the message or call 911 to ask why the system is activated. Citizens should go inside, seek shelter in an interior room of their home and tune to a weather radio or TV/radio for more information.

Informational Flyer about outdoor sirens

More Information

See map of outdoor warning siren locations (PDF). Stay on top of the weather by checking out current conditions and weather alerts for the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Metroplex on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) page.