Fire Prevention Inspections

Fire Prevention Inspection Program
The City conducts an inspection program for several different reasons as a method of reviewing occupancies for compliance to fire and life safety codes. Structures are reviewed for the safety of the building's occupants as well as for the safety of firefighting personnel.

Developing Efficient Tactics

Inspections allow firefighting personnel to create a pre-fire plan and to develop tactics based on facts and given probabilities. An inspection opens up communication between the property owner/manager and emergency service personnel. Inspections give fire personnel the opportunity to understand your business, needs, and concerns, and for a business to understand the City’s concerns.

Reviewing Status of Protection Devices & Systems

Inspections also provide an opportunity to review the status of the in-house fire protection devices and notification systems. This type of review is a method of monitoring the fire protection industry for compliance with state laws regarding installation and maintenance requirements.

Our concern is to ensure that the business community is getting the right product or service value in their fire protection purchase.

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